Refer Friends & Family

Love your internet? Tell your friends and family about it!

When you tell a friend or family member about our service, we say "thank you" by giving you a credit (1) towards your internet service! It's that easy!

Once your friend or family member signs up and pays the balance of their first bill, we'll give you a credit of $45.00(2) (3) (4) (5)

To all who have referred friends and family to GBTel in the past - thank you!


(1) Credits are issued for $45.00 plus HST for a total of $50.85. If the customer is HST exempt, the credit will be for $45.00.

(2) To be eligible, you must be an existing GBTel internet customer. The person you refer must not already be an existing GBTel customer.

(3) The referred person must tell the installers who referred them at the time of their install, or they must call GBTel Customer Support at 519-378-1410 to let a representative know who referred them.

(4) Any referral credit must be claimed within 30 days of the installation date.

(5) Customers who have large outstanding balances (i.e. in excess of $150 or 3 months of outstanding service) shall not be subject to the Refer a Friend deal until their balance has been paid off in full. GBTEL has the right to refuse this credit due to an outstanding balance on the referring customer's account.