Fibre Availability & Pricing

Incredible speeds that don't break the bank.

  Let's Get Faster

GBTEL is committed to connecting rural communities in Grey and Bruce Counties with reliable and affordable High Speed Internet.

Select communities will have access to the fastest Internet service in the area, all delivered on our next generation, state of the art, Fiber Optic network.

We bring Fibre Directly To Your Home allowing us to provide you with the best speeds possible.

  Let's go local NOW!

GBTEL is committed to enhancing the local internet and infrastructure in Grey/Bruce. We are demonstrating our commitment by investing into Grey/Bruce in the form of jobs and enhanced infrastructure. GBTEL is continuing to hire local talent, train local talent and retain individuals who want to live and work in Grey/Bruce. GBTEL directly re-invests its profits into the community year after year because we know that without this investment there is no growth.