Internet Plans & Pricing

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Residential Plans


  • Up to 3.0 Mbps
  • Suitable for light video use, for 1 or 2 users
  • Basic YouTube, streaming radio
  • Same day phone support
  • Unlimited usage


  • Up to 5.0 Mbps
  • Suitable for HD video and multiple users
  • Netflix, YouTube, online gaming
  • Same day phone support
  • Unlimited usage

Ultra Plus

  • Up to 7.0 Mbps
  • Suitable for multiple heavy users
  • Netflix, YouTube, online gaming
  • Same day phone support
  • Unlimited usage

Ultra 10

  • Up to 10.0 Mbps
  • Suitable for multiple super users
  • Netflix, YouTube, online gaming
  • Same day phone support
  • Unlimited usage

Seasonal Residential Service in Campgrounds

GBTEL now offers our residential high speed internet service to customers in the following campgrounds:

  • Carsons Camp
  • Chesley Lake Camp
  • Kilsyth Country Campground
  • Sauble Beach Resort Camp

Start-up costs include activation, installation and a wireless router as follows:

Installation $99.99
Activation $49.99
AirGateway Router $65.00
Sub total: $214.98
1st Month Service Pro Rated Amount
Total : $214.98 + 1st Month + taxes

Please note that the wireless router is a specific requirement in order minimize potential interference and provide a quality service.

To confirm availabality and schedule an installation, please give us a call on 519-378-1410.

Wifi Hotspot Service in Campgrounds

GBTEL offers high speed wifi hotspot access to visitors of the following campgrounds:

  • Cape Croker Park
  • Carson's Camp
  • Chesley Lake Camp
  • Dreamaker Family Campground
  • Kilsyth Country Campground
  • Owen Sound KOA
  • Sunny Valley RV Park and Campground

Hotspot access can be purchased based on the time period required and payment must be made via credit card.

We offer 5 plans as listed below:

Access Period Cost Number of Devices
1 hour $3.99 limited to 1 device at a time
1 day $9.99 limited to 1 device at a time
3 days $12.99 use a second device for $5.00 more
1 week $19.99 use a second device for $10.00 more
1 month $39.99 2 devices at a time

Visit our Hotspot Landing Page for more information and to sign up.

Business Plans

Business 3
Business 3

  • 3 Mbps Down / 3Mbps Up
  • Priority On Site Support
  • Call for details

Business 5
Business 5

  • 5 Mbps Down / 3Mbps Up
  • Priority On Site Support
  • Call for details

Business 10
Business 10

  • 10 Mbps Down / 3Mbps Up
  • Priority On Site Support
  • Call for details

Business 15
Business 15

  • 15 Mbps Down / 3Mbps Up
  • Priority On Site Support
  • Call for details

Business 20
Business 20

  • 20 Mbps Down / 3Mbps Up
  • Priority On Site Support
  • Call for details

Not all plans are available in all locations. Please call 519-378-1410 for details and to verify service availability.

Wireless Internet Installation Costs

Only applicable to residential, business, or seasonal residential campground service, not Hotspot users.

A typical installation will consist of an installation fee of $99.99 and an activation fee of $49.99, but installation costs may vary according to location and equipment necessary.

Wireless Equipment Needed

A typical installation has a cost of $99.99(1).The equipment is property of GBTel, and maintained, under agreement, by GBTel.

Seasonal Customers(5) do not qualify for an equipment maintenance agreement if they purchased the equipment at the onset of their installation.

Please contact us for information regarding seasonal installations.

Structural Equipment Needed

Since all outdoor equipment must be mounted on the outside of the customer's home or business, structural enhancements (such as a television tower or a tripod) may be required.

If you have an existing television tower, no extra cost beyond the extra outdoor installation will be applied.

Some customers may need a 3 foot tripod installed onto their roofs to hold our equipment. An additional fee would be applied for this extra piece of structural equipment.

(1) Most installations are priced at $99.99 due to the amortization of the required wireless equipment, this disclaimer simply provides an explanation of potential installation costs. Installation in certain locations will be charged at $149.99 due to the additional travel time required.

(2) Please note that the owner or owners of the installed location must be present when the installation is conducted.

(3) In proceeding with the installation the owner absolves and releases Grey Bruce Telecom Inc. and all of its subsidiaries and partners from any liability associated with the installation. In most cases, Grey Bruce Telecom will install structural support components (such as tripods, satellite arms etc). It is the OWNER'S responsibility to address any issues with these items at the point of installation. Grey Bruce Telecom will also run a cable inside to a computer/router. It is the OWNER'S responsibility to tell Grey Bruce Telecom technicians where/how to run the cable and to make them aware of any cosmetic, structural or other issues at the location. In proceeding with and paying for the installation, the owner accepts the work of Grey Bruce Telecom as "good" and from therein Grey Bruce Telecom shall be absolved from any liabilities.

(4) All of our residential wireless plans have expected speed ranges as follows:

Expected Speeds
Prime - 2-3mbps
Ultra - 3-5mbps
Ultra Plus - 5-7mbps
Ultra 10 - 7-10mbps

For dedicated service that does not operate on expected speeds, please see our business wireless plans for more information.

(5) Seasonal customers are defined by customers that have their internet for less than 1 year and re-activate on an on-going basis (ie year after year). Certain seasonal customers were installed whereby they purchased their equipment and do not have a seasonal activation fee (known as "SNAF" customers). SNAF customers are not covered by GBTEL's normal terms of service wherein the majority of repair work or upgrade work is free. SNAF customers will be billed on a "per service call" basis or "according to the work required by the customer". SNAF customers can change to normal seasonal activation customers without issue simply by informing GBTEL of their desire to do so. Normal seasonal customers pay an annual re-connect fee of $49.99 which covers the majority of issues.

(6) Seasonal service is not pro-rated upon reactivation, billing will begin from either the 1st or 15th of the month, depending on the reactivation date.

Direct Deposit Notes
All customers are encouraged to pay with direct debit or deposits. This can be done by submitting to GBTEL a VOID cheque and the appropriate documentation (found in the My Account section). Please note our policies concerning NSF payments on direct debit transactions include an automatic $15 NSF fee on any "Not Sufficient Funds" transaction. We will automaticallly apply this amount to your account and re-attempt to debit your account the following month without contacting the customer. If multiple NSF transactions occur, GBTEL has the right to temporarily terminate or suspend an account until the outstanding bill has been paid.

Disconnection Notes - Terms of Service
Please note that we do not prorate for seasonal or standard disconnection notices. For example, if you want service for a partial month (ie if you want service until September 15) and your billing falls before or after that day (ie September 1 or October 1) we will not create a special bill for the half month. We respect that you either want to purchase the service for the whole month or not at all. Please communicate this effectively to us via either phone, email or fax and please give us an appropriate degree of time -- typically around 30 days -- in which to process your request. We do this in order provide an orderly and clear set of guidelines so that we can meet or exceed your needs.