Android Boxes

Background Information

An Android box is a home entertainment device that allows the user to consume digital media through an internet connection. It is typically recommended to have an available download speed of 5mbps to support streaming content on these devices.

For best performance, we recommend connecting your Android box to your router using ethernet cable. If this is not possible, we suggest considering powerline adapters, which can send data over pre-existing electrical circuity in the home. For more information please give us a call at (519) 378-1410.

To find out the download speed of your internet connection with GBTEL, firstly ensure that there is no active data transfer on your network and then perform a speedtest.

Although there are mobile apps for cell phones and tablets, we suggest using a laptop or desktop to perform the test. Do not use the speedtest application built into the Android box, extensive testing has shown the results to be inaccurate.

Once the web page has loaded, your speedtest will begin automatically, you will then see a speedometer animation while the website performs a download speedtest.

Upon completion, the web page will output the results of the test. You should see results in line with the expected speeds on our Plans & Pricing page that match the plan you have with us.

The major issue with these Android boxes is that they are being marketed as a direct replacement for a cable or satellite TV subscriptions from Bell, Rogers, Shaw, etc. This is false advertising.

TV shows, movies and even live sports events are being described as free to watch, after the initial purchase of the box. Whilst this is the case, to an extent, because the content is being provided for free, there is no guarantee of quality or reliability. Furthermore, a reasonable degree of technical aptitude is required to ensure the ongoing sourcing of content.

Digital media content that is available through an Android box can be classified as grey market. This means that although consuming the content is not illegal, it has not been licensed for distribution by the copyright holder.

As of January 1st 2016 there has been a signifcant increase in the blocking of such content, most likely by the CRTC, under pressure from content producers and/or copyright holders. This has resulted in a substantial decrease in content availability.

We place no restriction on the content that you stream through your internet connection with us. Any buffering, stuttering or failure of content to load with an Android box is the fault of the content provider. Since these providers are offering the content for free, there is no guarantee of quality or reliability on their part.

To any of our customers who have or are considering purchasing an Android box, we strongly suggest keeping your purchase receipt and ensuring that you are fully aware of the return policy of the retailer from which the device was purchased.