Home Phone Service

GBTel’s Home Phone Service uses an advanced version of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This is a digital technology that allows telephone calls to be made using our high-speed Internet connection.

The main advantage is that GBTel is able to provide you with a low cost home phone service. We can provide advanced calling features and high-speed internet service all on one bill.

GBTel’s VoIP service is available to current and new GBTel customers within our internet coverage area. Please view our coverage map to confirm availability in your area.

GBTel understands that it is more convenient for you to keep your existing telephone number. Typically, we can have your number ported over to our network in 5-7 business days. It is important to not cancel your previous phone service before switching to GBTel to make sure you keep your old number.

The only things you need for our VoIP service is high-speed internet service from GBTel and a standard phone handset. When you sign up for our VoIP service, we mail you a VoIP adapter that you connect to your handset and your router in your home. The modem can also be connected to the existing phone wiring in your house. You can request a GBTel technician to come and install the modem for you for an additional fee.

Long distance calling to Canada and the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) is included in the $29.99/month rate. All other calls are billed on a per minute basis depending on the destination rate centre. Rates per destination can be found at gbtel.ca/ratecentres.

Since VoIP services do not guarantee the location you are calling from, you need to keep GBTel updated with the address where your VoIP modem is installed. This is to ensure responders are sent to the correct location in the event of an emergency.

To temporarily change your 911 address, click here. To update your 911 address permanently, please contact GBTel.

For our 911 Terms of Service, visit gbtel.ca/legal.

You can keep your GBTel VoIP Home Phone Service if your move is still located within our service area. For more details, please see ‘Where is GBTel VoIP service Available?’.

Due to the limitations of VoIP, GBTel’s home phone service will not work if your internet connection is interrupted.

GBTel recommends having a backup phone service such as a cell phone in case of emergencies. Using a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for both your internet power supply (POE adapter typically) AND your VoIP modem can help keep your phone service active during a power outage.

Our testing indicates that a fax machine should work with GBTel’s VoIP service. However, we cannot guarantee successful transmission and our support staff does not provide troubleshooting for issues with fax machines.

Please contact the manufacturer of your alarm system to confirm that it will work with VoIP services. Our testing indicates that most alarm systems should work.